Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The sick one isn't always the one who's not well.

For instance, the sick one could be the one who is dirty, horny or unwell.

I think the 2-year-old fatness is sick, he woke up around half hour ago and hasn't stopped crying since. Yes, we tried the food and candy tricks, none worked. Tried putting him back to sleep too, that didn't work either. Now they're putting that temperature thing inside his ears, he clearly doesn't like it, but it's all for the good.

Being at home is thee most boring place to be. Yes, i do have my friends, the xbox, and the ps3, but they're getting boring too. I want to watch the last samurai but i forgot to borrow it from Hairol the other day. I'm not so friendly with the TV now either, everytime i switch it on it's the same programme's over and over again. The most exciting things on TV at the moment tend to be on channel 613, the channel can be quite educational. While flicking through one day, take a stop there.

Hopefully, i'll be getting out of the house tomorrow, my mom wants to go to my cousin's house to help with the baking and stuff seen as they're having open house on Friday. Friday's that haji thingy right? Yeah, i suppose it'll be that unlimited supply of pulut, lemang and rendang. Although they did say they'd be having a barbeque too. Should be fun-ish.

My mom made a nice curry tonight, it actually tasted like curry, there were no complaints from my dad which for your info is extremely rare. And it was kinda spicy, kudos to mother john.

I'll repost soon-ish, within the week. Maybe earlier if i get bugged by the FatFingered one. Maybe.


Eh, is 'ciao' spanish? If it is, why the hell do we use it in Malaysia?

Anyways, soon.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I love the way that guy shouts yahoo at the end of the yahoo advert, he sounds like a real idiot. :D

I went to the curve today. I went to tesco today. I ate fish and chips today. Today was.. mmh, as sara says. Now i know why you use "mmh", it's because you can't think of any other word to use, and at that moment in time, that's the word that suits what you're describing best. I'm sorry if none of you understand what i'm talking about.

Fuuck, i hate it when my dad shouts. Always shouting for his personal kuli's, that 10-year-old annoying annoyance, and that 2-year-old fat kid. Eventhough all he can do is get apples, seen as they're kept in the bottom drawer.

Oh yeah, watched the premier viewing of planet 51 last night. With Vinoth. Seen as his 'date' couldn't make it. The movie was good, funny-ish. I'm gonna do one of those rating things that hairol does, i'd give it a five. It was good, but boring. Or maybe i was just tired.

Aaaannyways, Yen Yi, congraturlations on having a new brother. I hope he's healthy and as adorably cute as yourself, or even adorably cuter. Tell him i said hi. :)

Ok, that's enough for today, i can't think of anything else to write.

-The Fatfaced Billybob.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

For the mother of all John's.

It's been ages since my last post, i promised the fatfingered one a post every week, but i posted twice the week before so i thought it'd make me able to take a break for a week. I know most of you can't even take a break for a day. You no life.. People.

This past week, i've done nothing, nothing that i can remember anyways. I went to school on Tuesday and Friday, on the other days, i think i went out with my mom. Friday was good, prefects and librarians night.

I cut my little finger open on a can of baked beans. The can was really hard to open so i bashed it a few times then tried opening it, bending the opener thingy back and forth to loosen it. Didn't work, in the end i just pulled with everything i had, cut my little finger and found a baked bean on my chin. I have a cool plaster though, some army type thingy. hehe.

Was supposed to go to the gym today. Unfortunately, Hairol had another date with his parents, this time at the pavillion, probably watching another movie to rate and blog about. I haven't been out with anyone for ages. Well, except for my parents, but still. Let's go out, the whole gang, sometime next week. Pleeeaaase. Hairol, make arrangements, you're good at that.

Until next time.

-BillyBob FatFace.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Girls mean problems.

This title could not be clearer. Right?

Went to the AAR concert last night. Was good, got elbowed in the face. Tyson is one horny gay.

I'm finally back home after staying at Nakheel's house for a few days, i'm sooo glad to be home. I can finally sleep, not having to wake up at nine every morning to eat breakfast. Ahhh, shit. Tomorrow's school, final exams. Don't really see the point in doing mandarin, art and civic's but oh well.

I'm so damn tired. Haven't spoken to the FatFingered one all day, well, just now on facebook and myspace she commented a little. That was about it. Apparently i'm hated and no one likes me. Lovely. Sigh. I feel so accomplished for some reason.

I want to go somewhere. Let's go somewhere, and do what you said you wanted to do. Please.


P.S. Hairol, no dirty thoughts on the last few sentences please.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Three paragraph's for the sake of urine.

Went to school today. Got there late, did absolutely nothing. Ohohoh, i touched Pn. Siti's stomach, it was hard and you could feel vibrations from the baby. Very cool stuff. I touched En. Rosli's beard, it was nice. I dropped an egg, then my hand smelt like rotten egg for a while, until i found washing up liquid to wash my hands with.

I don't have a clue why anyone would want to hold their pee, and torture themselves trying to fight against their bladder. If you're reading, which you probably are, next time, do not wait for your bladder to almost blow. Go and pee straight away. Your bladder is there to hold your pee, not to be tortured, imagine how it must feel, inside there, waiting for you to release your urine.

Now, go and pee,
Sara, the fat, little babee,
Nanti bladder kau matee,
Lepas tu, aku tiada simpatee,

And now you're making things slower by kacauing me while i'm writing this. You shouldn't be doing this, you should've made it easier for me, you and your bladder and gone to pee around two hours ago. If you don't go and pee now. I'll.. think of something to do to you.

There, three paragraph's that made complete sense. Go and pee, love.

-Nazri the caring boyfriend.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gay lesbian's.

I wonder what a gay lesbian would look like.

Anyway's, it's been quite long since i last blogged, well, for me it's not been very long, but for those of you with no lives and who love to type about yourselves, it's been quite long i suppose.

Might go to school tomorrow, Vinoth just asked me, not sure if i want to go though. Learning, sitting there, listening to shamsul try to be funny. Sighh. I don't feel like taking the pain. And i have duty tomorrow. But, i'll probably go, sitting at home doing nothing is getting on my nerves too.

Liverpool v Man U tonight. I hope Liverpool lose so i can get on Fatfingers' nerves. Heheh.

I want to go out. I want to, but it's hard. Seen as i live in a jungle and i have to walk aroung 3 or 4 kilometres to the nearest train station. And then wait for the train, then wait for the bus, then take a taxi. All in one day. Sigh. I'll do it one day. ;)

Ok, i'm done. I have nothing else to say.

Blogging makes my mind blank, whenever i blog, i forget what to write about. This is gay.


P.S. Soon, sexy, soon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

barah kaki.

Foot cancer in English.
Is gay. And is usually located on the foot. If you get it, you're most likely going to have your foot amputated. So, stay away from Barnacles.

I really have nothing to talk about. Buuut, I'm a great boyfriend so i'll extend this blog.

Since PMR has ended, i've been to an indian temple, eaten alot of indian food, been to curve and ou a few times, driven a manual car, experienced mostly every type of public transport in Malaysia in one day, except for that bicycle thingy, and been bitten on the ear.

I really don't know what to blog about, when i have something, i'll blog it. Until then.. Adios amigos.

-Mr. Fatface

P.S. I like annoying music.